Become FREE of suffering....


The root of all suffering lies in the one’s mental attachment to things, not in the things themselves. What matters and what you need to reflect on to become free of the suffering is your attachment to what you have.

We form an attachment at the sensory level, through neural plasticity.

Wherever attention is placed neurons fire and wire together forming a program that has a tendency towards pattern.

This is what the mind is………A continuous pattern of neurons firing. Years and years of similar stimulus and triggers running the same program of response.

We come free from attachments by not judging.

Not judging any sensation as good or bad stops the neurons from firing in their familiar pattern. The neurons then have no choice but to redirect and create a new pathway. This pathway away from that trigger that causes the suffering of the old attachment.

The next time you feel you are suffering in your reality. Go inwards, ask yourself, what am I attached to in this moment? What pattern am I re-creating?  Can I let it go? Can I not judge the stimulus as good or bad and let it be?

Much Love, Hazel Ray xx


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