Pondering's of Hazel ray

Harmonies of the Soul: Exploring the Intricate Dance Between Sound and Perception 

Have you ever pondered the profound connection between sound and perception? Throughout history, humans have recognized the transformative power of sound, from ancient chants to modern music therapy. But what if sound isn't just something we hear with our ears? What if it's something we see, feel, and experience on a deeper level, even in our most introspective states?

In recent years, researchers have delved into the fascinating phenomenon of sound creating visible patterns. One notable experiment involves using a tone generator to produce sound vibrations on a surface covered in fine particles like sand or salt. As the frequency of the sound increases, intricate patterns emerge, offering a visual representation of the sound waves at work. This phenomenon, known as cymatics, illustrates the tangible impact of sound on physical matter.

But what about the patterns we perceive within ourselves during meditation, dreams, or breathwork? Could these experiences be manifestations of sound on a subtler, internal level? It's an intriguing concept to consider.

During meditation, as we quiet the chatter of the mind and enter a state of deep relaxation, some people report witnessing patterns or imagery. These visual experiences can vary widely, from geometric shapes to vivid landscapes. Could these be echoes of the vibrations reverberating within us, resonating with the frequencies of our inner being?

Similarly, in the realm of dreams, sound often plays a significant role. From the gentle lullaby of a distant melody to the jarring sounds of a bustling city, soundscapes shape the landscapes of our dream worlds. As we explore the depths of our subconscious, perhaps we're tapping into a symphony of vibrations that transcend the boundaries of waking reality.

Breathwork, too, offers a gateway to altered states of consciousness where sound takes on a new dimension. Through rhythmic breathing techniques, we synchronize our breath with the flow of energy within us, creating a harmonious rhythm. In this heightened state of awareness, could we be attuned to the subtle frequencies of our environment, perceiving the world through a lens of sound?

What's more, could these experiences of sound within ourselves be a form of communication? Perhaps it's not just random patterns or vibrations but a language of the soul, speaking to us in the universal dialect of resonance.

As we contemplate these questions, we're reminded of the interconnectedness of all things. Just as sound waves ripple through the air, permeating every corner of the universe, so too do the vibrations of our inner selves reverberate throughout existence. In the silence of meditation, the depths of dreams, and the rhythm of breath, we may find ourselves immersed in a symphony of sound, where every note carries the promise of revelation and transformation.

So the next time you find yourself lost in meditation, drifting through the landscape of a dream, or riding the waves of your breath, pay attention to the patterns you encounter. They may just be whispers of the cosmic symphony, guiding you on a journey of discovery and connection to the essence of existence.

What it means when someone says "your Inner world creates your outer world"..... 

You are the creation, we are the creation 

What we are here to continue to create in this life is ourselves.
How do you create? From your inner world…..
This concept has perplexed me for the longest time until finally one day it clicked.
Let me share with you how this came to be. 
My understanding of Consciousness/GOD/Source etc…..is that it is made up of two parts. The imagination and awareness.
  • Imagination without Awareness = Dreaming
  • Awareness without Imagination = Existing
Every single thing in your reality that is not considered “LIVING” was created first in the imagination of a living being. EVERYTHING. Inner creates outer. 
Anything that you create in your reality whether it is the dinner you cook at night, the car you buy or the job you choose to work in, was first created in your inner reality. 
Stay with the job concept for a minute, once upon a time I wanted to be a secondary school teacher (this was born out of the limiting belief that I couldn't follow my dream of being a performer). My imagination created that possible outcome, I went to university and pursed the degree I needed. Dream + Action = Manifestation
All of the things that you are doing right now in your life have come from your inner world, some of you still live in the mindset of victimisation, that these were the cards you were dealt and therefore use this limiting belief to justify your existence and current situation....And yes I understand that sometimes life is hard and situations arise out of our control, but what becomes your control after that, is how you respond to that stimulus/situation. 
Staying in a job that you don't like, a relationship that is painful, in a town that doesn't light your soul because of the "cards you were dealt" or "situational reasons" is STILL a choice. 
Not choosing is a choice. 
The way to change your life is to look at the children under 7 and learn from them..... they are still in a brain wavelength of THETA. It is where we go right before sleep or in a deep meditation. This is where our imagination is most active and you are able to visualise things with less limitation. Don't believe me, two of the most profound inventors and exceptional minds used this very concept daily to help them create. Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla. Einstein used to take an afternoon nap and hold an apple down beside him, when he would begin to drift off into sleep he would drop the apple, which would bring him back to awareness and allow him to remain in that THETA wavelength. He understood that imagination paired with awareness = creation. Creating under these circumstances gives you the best chance to bypass your limiting beliefs of your current life and programming and have a childlike view on the world again. To give access again to the endless possibilities that are accessible to each and every one of us through out imagination. 
........choosing not to create consciously is a CHOICE…… so your current inner will continue to create your current outer world…….
Why live a life of limitations when you could live the life of your dreams......... 
"The world doesn't need saving, people do and if we give the people the tools to save themselves we save the world' - Hazel Ray 


Manifestation has been a word that has been used frequently lately and to be honest, it wasn't until now that I consider that maybe, just maybe I get it.....

MANIFESTATION is mainly associated with creating the life you want and results that you dreamed of. 
The way I understand the word is that dreams without action are just dreams and then dreams with action = manifestation.........
However, where the issue lies with manifesting big dreams is the self belief that is limiting underneath. 
From the beginning of my music career I had dreams of performing on a big festival stage......I was told to visualise this.... I would meditate and go through the steps but I didn't really believe it..... The inner voice would come in, "how do you propose this with no band and the songs you are writing don't really have festival appeal?"
This is where the dilemma is with manifestation, no matter how many times you visualise this big dream of yours, if you don't believe you can actually achieve this at your core with that inner fire burning......it won't happen....
So I pivoted to focus on other things that I could feel inner belief and fire towards....All of the content for my 'Asleep To Awake' show was swirling around in my head and I knew I just had to put it down, find a venue and put on this show....... 
I have now put that very show on 3 times..... 
In that time my focus solely on following my passion, if what I was being asked to do didn't light me up, I didn't do it. This allowed me to stay in a high vibration, a vibration that I was broadcasting to the universe that said, I love me, I love my life and I am ready for whatever you throw at me......I am ready for more now........
Next thing I know, a drummer comes into my life (firstly as just a good mate) who truely believed in me and loved my passion and drive. From my drummer came a super talented rapper who shared similar visions/dreams and lastly a bass player (who was a friend for almost a year) that was connected in the industry. Organically we ended up in my house jamming just for fun at first.........These people came to me, I wasn't even looking for a band?? 
Within 4 jams we had 8 songs and a gig pop up OUT OF NO WHERE to support JEBEDIAH in Torquay, on a festival stage!!!! I didn't even apply for this opportunity nor did I physically ask for this opportunity in this reality....... I ATTRACTED IT by being in my light. 
It is now that I have come back to that original dream and feel that I can hold the necessary vibration of belief for this to be manifested. I know this is happening and I KNOW there is more to come. 
Something that I am learning from all of this is to attract don't chase. 'If you focus on the thing in this moment that lights you up the most and you get lost in the doing of that thing, you with light up the world around you and attract the opportunities of your highest timeline without even trying'. - Hazel Ray
Life is always happening for you, not to you and nothing changes if nothing changes.
Bless you all 
Love Hazel Ray xx

What is your Purpose?  

What is your purpose? Do you have one? Do you think you should have one? Does everyone have one?

I consider the notion that we are given gifts in this life that we are here to share with the world. Now these gifts don't necessarily have to be tangible things that can turn into jobs and income streams...... I consider that potentially some people's gifts are simply who they are and how they show up in the world.......
What do you do? Why do you do it?
If you ask yourself these questions, what comes to mind? 
For me I was a secondary school teacher before I did what I do now.......
If I was asked these questions when I was teaching full time I would have answered these questions like this.......
What do you do? I am a Maths and Science Secondary School teacher
Why do you do it? I like helping students learn, but I also do it because that's what I studied at University and what I am qualified to do. It brings me good money. 
Now, I didn't answer the second one "because I love it"...... therefore, it is not my purpose, its not my mission, it's not my gift....
if you were to ask me now.......
What do you do? I write music that I share with the world and put shows on to help inspire people to live a more heart driven existence through teaching them the laws of Science and Spirituality......
Why do you do it? Because I absolutely love it and I would do it for no money in the world just to create and help people is everything to me. 
This is my purpose...... 
You don't have to pursue your purpose as a means to give you income, but you are denying the world of your light and your highest vibration if you don't share it with some capacity. 
What is your purpose? How can you do more of this in your life? 

The next questions that can follow on from your purpose is 
Who do you do it for? What do they get out it? 
When I answer these questions….
Who do you do it for? for anyone who feels connected to my music and the shows for anyone who is beginning to question the purpose of life and the reality around them?
What do they get out of it? A different perspective of existence that allows them to take steps towards living a more heart led existence with purpose. 
WHAT IS MY PURPOSE? I answer......
I create music and put on shows that offer a different perspective of existence. 
This lights up my soul....... you have a purpose too, that shares light with those around you when you do it.......
I hope you find joy in what you do today..... we all have the choice. 
Remember - "The world doesn't need saving people do, and if we give the people the tools to save themselves we save the world" - Hazel Ray 
Hazel Ray xx


What if your reality was actually a VR headset? 

You ready to have your reality rocked......

What if I told you that your reality is limited by the VR headset that is inside your skull?
People don't realise that the reality that you experience in your day to day is only a 10% of the story.....
What people don't understand is that when you see something, you are actually seeing chemicals that have interpreted a stimulus (a frequency) 
Now for the Science lesson.....
When a light wavelength enters your eyes, it hits the retina which is made up of Rod cells and Cone cells. These cells then change the frequency into chemical energy to be sent along the optic nerve to the Occipital lobe and the back to the brain. Here those chemicals are decoded and interpreted to express an image that you "see". If it is decoded into a pattern of information that has been decoded before you recognise the image and if not you create new patterns of neural networks for next time. 
The thing to note here is that you can only detect frequencies between the wavelengths between 380 - 700 nanometers....... so what do you see when there are wavelengths outside of that range????
NOTHING......... but they are still there
The same thing happens for what you hear a sound. The wavelength is detected by the hair cells in the inner ear. Then transformed into chemical energy to travel along the auditory nerve to the temporal lobe (in the brain) to be decoded and interpreted into what you hear. Again depending what neural pathways you have previously formed you will either recognise the sound or you won't........ 
Again you can only detect frequencies between  20 Hz to 20 khz. So what do you hear outside of these frequencies??.........NOTHING
We are limited as to what we experience due to the preset capabilities of our brain or our Virtual Reality (VR) headset. VR headsets are coded to only show you a certain reality, it has limitations as to what you see, how you interact with it and how far or close you can get to something. 
Our reality is very much the same. There are frequencies out side of the ranges of seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling. Does that mean that there are no frequencies there to be detected.... NO...... we just can't experience them. 
There is a reason why some people see, hear, feel, taste and smell things others can't. Each human ability is slightly different, some people have developed ranges outside of the normal human realm.......... remember this when people tell you stories of seeing things you can't, or hear things you can't......... everyone experiences reality differently and your truth of your reality is only yours..... 
Happy decoding and detecting…
Remember Consider all........

Love Hazel Ray xx

What Radio Station are you tuned into? 

Remembering everything is made up of atoms and atoms are constantly vibrating due to the electrons that are spinning around the outside of the nucleus...
The human body is approximately 99% comprised of just 6 elements (atoms)- oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon, calcium and phosphorus.
all of those elements/atoms constantly vibrating....... Therefore we have a frequency (Yes?)
So we have a resonance (a vibration) we can prove this by touching our skin and feeling warmth...... we emit heat and therefore are emitting a frequency...... 
Newtons third Law of Action and Reaction states - for every action there is an equal an opposite reaction......
The Frequency you emit is what you attract.....
We now know that you are broadcasting a certain frequency and then receiving that exact match in frequency.......
In society we have been programmed to believe to only consider things in our reality that we can smell, see, touch, taste and hear.......
All are frequencies that can be decoded and detected by the human body and therefore "Prove" exist.....
But there are frequencies that exist that cannot be detected with those 5 senses....... this is proven when you go a get an X - Ray. You cannot see or feel this frequency passing through to your bones....
But you have tangible proof of its existence when you see the picture of your bones.........
There are Frequencies that are high enough and small enough that pass through at a cellular level. We know this too from gamma radiation, they can also change chemistry in the body...(Cancer)
Now for the CONSIDERATION..... (Take what resonates and leave what doesn't)
I question whether the voices that you hear in your head are not just consciousness communicating with you at the direct frequency that you cast. 
When I am low, I vibrate on a lower frequency and notice negative inner dialogue....... I call this DEMON FM "You aren't good enough", "you will never find someone" "you aren't worthy" etc... 
When I am vibrating high I call this ANGEL FM "You are powerful", "You are worthy of all you dream" "You are a good person" etc....
What if we have never been taught that we are capable of tuning into different frequencies to unlock different radio stations of guidance..........
A dead giveaway for me is hearing "you" or "I" in the dialogue. 
Here is a task for you. For the next 7 days become hyper aware of your inner dialogue. Who is doing the talking? Are you hearing a lot of "you" or "i"?
Is it more positive or negative? If Positive keep doin the things that you are doing...... If negative and you are hearing "you" just remind yourself that you are probably on DEMON FM (or a lower frequency) and just need to tune to a different radio station. You can choose not to listen to the statements that come in to.... which also is a super power and reminds you that you are not the Radio Station in your mind you are the awareness behind the radio station!!!!!
Do things that make you feel happy or simply write down 5 things that you are grateful for and embody the feeling of gratitude. Gratitude is the highest frequency and you should be back on ANGEL FM in no time. 
Much Love 
Hazel Ray xx

Discovering Your True Essence: Beyond Names and Professions 

What happens when someone asks you that question?

Are you immediately drawn to saying what your name is and what you do?

You see, your name is something you have, much like your leg. You also have a head, fingers, and toes too. Your name and your job are things that you have also. They aren't who you are.

Who you are is not something that can be explained; it is an inner knowing and an awareness of the observer.

The observer being the awareness that sits in meditation, watching the thoughts that float in and feeling the sensations in your body.

It is this same awareness that alerts you to danger or to rethink your decisions. It also makes your hairs stand on the back of your neck when certain energies around you are felt.

You see, we are connected to "eternal consciousness" and the awareness of all that is, much like a wave is connected to the ocean.

When a wave rises from the ocean, it has form and it has a name, a "Wave", but ultimately, it is still the ocean.

We are the same. We may look separate, housed in these human avatars, but ultimately, we are unable to see how we are all connected to the one source, 'Light' or 'energy'.

This is where the sayings "As above, so below" and "I am you and you are me" come from.

If you choose to embody that concept as a knowing, it is not only possible to start seeing yourself in everyone, but also to see beauty in the most mundane things.

It also changes your vibration to allow you to see those who seek what you seek and those souls that aren't ready or are resisting.

If you are still searching for that knowing of who you are, my biggest tip would be to sit in silence.

Not for 1 or 2 minutes, but for 25 minutes a day for a week. Ultimately, to find who you are is to know what you are not.

Sitting in the 'void' takes away all of your external gratification and identities that you are attached to. There needs to be a significant amount of time sitting in this space to allow the disturbance of constant thoughts to settle. What is left once the muddy water settles is you, face to face with your true essence.

If you wish to explore this further, I encourage you to check out my 'Asleep To Awake' Show. Available on my website under 'SHOWS'.

Much Love,

Hazel Ray x

Unveiling the Power of Your Environment: How Atoms and Frequencies Shape Who You Are 

Have you ever heard the saying, "You are a product of your environment"?

Some people just think, "Yeah, maybe I am similar to those who are around me (is that by chance)?"... I think not.

Consider this...

We are made up of atoms. Yes, that's what science theory says.

If you didn't know, atoms are made up predominantly of space. If you placed a cricket ball in the middle of the MCG (or any large arena), that would be the nucleus of the atom, then all the way on the outside of the stadium is where the electrons reside. They spin around in all random directions.

So, as you see, if we are made up of atoms, then at the atomic level, we are permeable beings, meaning things/energy can pass right through us.

Therefore... We can absorb all the subtle frequencies around us, much like a sponge absorbs the liquid it is placed into.

Be careful of the environments that you place yourself in, as you will absorb all of that energy around you.

Love where you live, love where you work, love your home. Make sure that in those spaces, you feel expansive. If in any place, town, home, relationship, or friendship, you feel small and closed in, that is a sign that the frequencies are working against you, not for you. Acknowledge this and change it. Tune in.

Hazel Ray xx

Exploring Memory and Existence: Reflecting on the Ripple Effects of Energy 

Do you remember when you were born?

I bet not! It would kind of be an interesting experience remembering coming out of the womb space... haha.

I ask this question at my show 'Asleep To Awake,' and NO ONE puts up their hand. Then I ask them, do they remember when they were 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 years old? Usually, by around 6, most people have a recollection of their existence.

How do you know you existed before this?


What if there were no photos?

You see, there was a time when you existed as a human on this planet but had no idea that you existed.

But in that time, you were creating many ripple effects in the world. Bringing joy to family members' days, making them late, creating interactions with appointments, outings, and so on and so forth.

So, with Newton's law of the conservation of energy in mind, "that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only transformed from one form into another"... who's to say that when you die and your energy is transformed from one form into another, that you aren't still having influence and creating ripples in the world... guiding those housed in form... just because you can't remember it doesn't mean that it isn't happening... we just proved that.

Could you CONSIDER that "SPIRITS" are just transformed energy no longer housed in a body, much like the WIFI all around you that you cannot see or feel?

We are SOOOOOO much more than we have been told, and we are capable of so much more too... Science will show you that too!

Love, Hazel Ray xx

Unveiling the Journey: From Dreaming to Awakening with 'Asleep to Awake 

A little girl once sat in her room, her heart thumping and the feeling that she was never alone... She had an inner knowing that one day she was to share something with the world that would be of importance. She dreamt of being a pop star, on stage, singing to thousands of people. Interestingly, as she got older, she realized it wasn't necessarily the fame she was seeking; it was the influence to share that lit her up the most.

As time went on, she studied neuroscience, became a science teacher, and went through many experiences in her life that couldn't be explained by the science that she knew. This was the catalyst for rigorous self-inquiry and linking science to spirituality.

Then one day, after an intensive test of trust and physical ascension, she awoke to who she was, to her true nature. Funnily enough, she could explain much of this through science.

It was then she realized her mission, what she had to share: THIS SHOW - ASLEEP TO AWAKE.

'Asleep TO Awake' is a show about self-discovery, self-inquiry, and trusting your intuition.

The first half of the show is storytelling and vulnerability.

The second half explores the science behind the human body and why we perceive things the way we do. The show illuminates how the limitations of the human mind and body have hidden us from our true nature and essence for centuries.

By the end of the show, I hope to awaken your soul and your heart to parts that you forgot were there, question the daily narrative, and, most importantly, 'Consider it all.'

Be sure to follow me on Instagram @hazelray_music to hear more about it and upcoming dates.

Much Love

Hazel Ray xxxxx