Discovering Your True Essence: Beyond Names and Professions

What happens when someone asks you that question?

Are you immediately drawn to saying what your name is and what you do?

You see, your name is something you have, much like your leg. You also have a head, fingers, and toes too. Your name and your job are things that you have also. They aren't who you are.

Who you are is not something that can be explained; it is an inner knowing and an awareness of the observer.

The observer being the awareness that sits in meditation, watching the thoughts that float in and feeling the sensations in your body.

It is this same awareness that alerts you to danger or to rethink your decisions. It also makes your hairs stand on the back of your neck when certain energies around you are felt.

You see, we are connected to "eternal consciousness" and the awareness of all that is, much like a wave is connected to the ocean.

When a wave rises from the ocean, it has form and it has a name, a "Wave", but ultimately, it is still the ocean.

We are the same. We may look separate, housed in these human avatars, but ultimately, we are unable to see how we are all connected to the one source, 'Light' or 'energy'.

This is where the sayings "As above, so below" and "I am you and you are me" come from.

If you choose to embody that concept as a knowing, it is not only possible to start seeing yourself in everyone, but also to see beauty in the most mundane things.

It also changes your vibration to allow you to see those who seek what you seek and those souls that aren't ready or are resisting.

If you are still searching for that knowing of who you are, my biggest tip would be to sit in silence.

Not for 1 or 2 minutes, but for 25 minutes a day for a week. Ultimately, to find who you are is to know what you are not.

Sitting in the 'void' takes away all of your external gratification and identities that you are attached to. There needs to be a significant amount of time sitting in this space to allow the disturbance of constant thoughts to settle. What is left once the muddy water settles is you, face to face with your true essence.

If you wish to explore this further, I encourage you to check out my 'Asleep To Awake' Show. Available on my website under 'SHOWS'.

Much Love,

Hazel Ray x

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