Unveiling the Journey: From Dreaming to Awakening with 'Asleep to Awake

A little girl once sat in her room, her heart thumping and the feeling that she was never alone... She had an inner knowing that one day she was to share something with the world that would be of importance. She dreamt of being a pop star, on stage, singing to thousands of people. Interestingly, as she got older, she realized it wasn't necessarily the fame she was seeking; it was the influence to share that lit her up the most.

As time went on, she studied neuroscience, became a science teacher, and went through many experiences in her life that couldn't be explained by the science that she knew. This was the catalyst for rigorous self-inquiry and linking science to spirituality.

Then one day, after an intensive test of trust and physical ascension, she awoke to who she was, to her true nature. Funnily enough, she could explain much of this through science.

It was then she realized her mission, what she had to share: THIS SHOW - ASLEEP TO AWAKE.

'Asleep TO Awake' is a show about self-discovery, self-inquiry, and trusting your intuition.

The first half of the show is storytelling and vulnerability.

The second half explores the science behind the human body and why we perceive things the way we do. The show illuminates how the limitations of the human mind and body have hidden us from our true nature and essence for centuries.

By the end of the show, I hope to awaken your soul and your heart to parts that you forgot were there, question the daily narrative, and, most importantly, 'Consider it all.'

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Much Love

Hazel Ray xxxxx


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