Unveiling the Power of Your Environment: How Atoms and Frequencies Shape Who You Are

Have you ever heard the saying, "You are a product of your environment"?

Some people just think, "Yeah, maybe I am similar to those who are around me (is that by chance)?"... I think not.

Consider this...

We are made up of atoms. Yes, that's what science theory says.

If you didn't know, atoms are made up predominantly of space. If you placed a cricket ball in the middle of the MCG (or any large arena), that would be the nucleus of the atom, then all the way on the outside of the stadium is where the electrons reside. They spin around in all random directions.

So, as you see, if we are made up of atoms, then at the atomic level, we are permeable beings, meaning things/energy can pass right through us.

Therefore... We can absorb all the subtle frequencies around us, much like a sponge absorbs the liquid it is placed into.

Be careful of the environments that you place yourself in, as you will absorb all of that energy around you.

Love where you live, love where you work, love your home. Make sure that in those spaces, you feel expansive. If in any place, town, home, relationship, or friendship, you feel small and closed in, that is a sign that the frequencies are working against you, not for you. Acknowledge this and change it. Tune in.

Hazel Ray xx

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