What it means when someone says "your Inner world creates your outer world".....

You are the creation, we are the creation 

What we are here to continue to create in this life is ourselves.
How do you create? From your inner world…..
This concept has perplexed me for the longest time until finally one day it clicked.
Let me share with you how this came to be. 
My understanding of Consciousness/GOD/Source etc…..is that it is made up of two parts. The imagination and awareness.
  • Imagination without Awareness = Dreaming
  • Awareness without Imagination = Existing
Every single thing in your reality that is not considered “LIVING” was created first in the imagination of a living being. EVERYTHING. Inner creates outer. 
Anything that you create in your reality whether it is the dinner you cook at night, the car you buy or the job you choose to work in, was first created in your inner reality. 
Stay with the job concept for a minute, once upon a time I wanted to be a secondary school teacher (this was born out of the limiting belief that I couldn't follow my dream of being a performer). My imagination created that possible outcome, I went to university and pursed the degree I needed. Dream + Action = Manifestation
All of the things that you are doing right now in your life have come from your inner world, some of you still live in the mindset of victimisation, that these were the cards you were dealt and therefore use this limiting belief to justify your existence and current situation....And yes I understand that sometimes life is hard and situations arise out of our control, but what becomes your control after that, is how you respond to that stimulus/situation. 
Staying in a job that you don't like, a relationship that is painful, in a town that doesn't light your soul because of the "cards you were dealt" or "situational reasons" is STILL a choice. 
Not choosing is a choice. 
The way to change your life is to look at the children under 7 and learn from them..... they are still in a brain wavelength of THETA. It is where we go right before sleep or in a deep meditation. This is where our imagination is most active and you are able to visualise things with less limitation. Don't believe me, two of the most profound inventors and exceptional minds used this very concept daily to help them create. Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla. Einstein used to take an afternoon nap and hold an apple down beside him, when he would begin to drift off into sleep he would drop the apple, which would bring him back to awareness and allow him to remain in that THETA wavelength. He understood that imagination paired with awareness = creation. Creating under these circumstances gives you the best chance to bypass your limiting beliefs of your current life and programming and have a childlike view on the world again. To give access again to the endless possibilities that are accessible to each and every one of us through out imagination. 
........choosing not to create consciously is a CHOICE…… so your current inner will continue to create your current outer world…….
Why live a life of limitations when you could live the life of your dreams......... 
"The world doesn't need saving, people do and if we give the people the tools to save themselves we save the world' - Hazel Ray 

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