Unlock your potential and transform your life with personalized coaching sessions led by an expert in behavioral neuroscience and education, Hazel Ray. With a Bachelor's degree in Behavioral Neuroscience and over a decade of teaching experience, Hazel brings a unique blend of scientific knowledge and practical insight to every session. Drawing from her own lived experiences with mental health challenges, she offers a fresh perspective on mindset shifts, focusing on the vibration of the body to catalyse lasting change. Whether you're seeking clarity, growth, or empowerment, book a non-obligatory 'Quick Connect' session with Hazel Ray today to discover how you can work together to unlock your true potential.


Welcome to the Quick Connect session! In this free and non-obligatory chat, we'll dive into what I do and explore the potential outcomes of our 1:1 coaching sessions. Whether you're curious about my services, interested in setting coaching goals, or simply want to share experiences and stories, this session is all about connecting in a casual and informative environment. Expect a relaxed conversation where we can explore possibilities, discuss past experiences, and exchange ideas. Whatever your reason for connecting, I'm here to chat and help in any way I can. Let's make this a meaningful and engaging session!


Embark on a transformative journey with our 1:1 Conscious Coaching session. Dive deep into the realm of self-discovery as you unravel limiting beliefs and fears, igniting the flame of your true potential. With personalised guidance and unwavering support, you'll unlock the power within to elevate your mindset and manifest the life you've always dreamed of. Say goodbye to doubt and hesitation, and step into a future filled with confidence, clarity, and boundless possibilities. Book your session today and embrace the exhilarating adventure of self-transformation!



In our accountability calls, we simply check in to see how you're progressing and if there's any support you need for the upcoming weeks. It's a brief but focused session to ensure you stay on track with your goals. ($22.20 Invoiced after booking and to be paid to prior to call, Thank you)

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